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How to hide wapka sites comment box on message in forum page for non-logged users.

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I think every Wapmaster wants hide the comment box on meesage in forum page of thier Wapka site from non-logged users, even I wanted it when I had this site on Wapka. So today I will teach you how to hide the cooment box from non-logged users. So let's start-

At first, go to Edit site>> Add autocontent>> Bottom items(footer)>> Edite items>> WML/XHTML code . And then paste two codes one by one in WML/XHTML code section.
Codes are given below-

 Set item visible for Non-logged User.


Set item visible for Logged Users Only.

Then go to Edit site>> Wap2>> Styles for content in forum/chat>>Message in Forum and Search for ::REPLY_AREA:: in 3rd Box And Replace ::REPLY_AREA:: with the code given below-

Then Set.
Everything is done now.

If you fail to do this or if you face any problem then please feel free to tell me in the comment section below. I will be happy to help you.

Hope to see you again in our next post- Why wapka sites can not be deleted.
Thank you.
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