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How to enable/disable USB ports OR How to block/unblock Pendrive access of computer(windows)

Sometimes we notice that in our office, college or University we can't connect Pendrive or mobile phone by USB cable to computer to copy paste something because it is disabled for security purpose so that office staff or college student can't copy paste something or can't steal official data. And today we will learn about the process how to enable/disable USB ports so that we can block/unblock Pendrive access on any computer, but please don't misuse this trick.

So friends, let's begin....

To enable/disable USB ports or to block/unblock Pendrive access to windows computer just follow my steps given below-

1. Right click on the windows icon which is placed on the most left bottom of your computer.

2. Click on Run.

3. Type regedit. And then click OK.

4. Now a notification will appear to open Registry editor like the image given below. Just click on Yes.

5. In the Registry editor, open these folders given below-
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> Services >> USBSTOR

In the USBSTOR, locate the Start and double-click on Start to edit the value. Change the Value data to "4" and then click Ok.

Once completed, close the Registry editor, and Windows will no longer start the USB device when detected.
That means no Pendrive can be open on the computer now.

To enable the USB ports again, Just change the value to "3", as it was.

Note- The above steps only work if the USB storage driver has already been installed. If the USB storage driver has not been installed, the value gets reset back to 3 when connecting a USB storage device and Windows installs the drivers.

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