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How to make Facebook single name in one minute. 100% working Trick.

Hey guys, how are you? Today I am going to share one of the most wanted Facebook tricks and that is how to make Facebook single name very easily. Well, it's a very easy trick but you need a computer to follow this trick and make your Facebook name single.

So let's start.....

I hope all of you have installed Google Chrome on your Computer. If not then please install Google Chrome on your computer first and then open it. 

Opened?? Okay, now we are going to add an Extension on chrome by which we will change our IP address to an Indonesian IP because Facebook allows Indonesian peoples only to make single on Facebook. So just click here... to add GeoProxy Extension on Chrome.

Added?? Okay now click on that Extension icon which appears on your computers upper right corner.
Then Select Indonesia and Click on search.
Click on the first IP Address.

Now we are going to change the Facebook Name.
Open your facebook account.
Go to settings and change the language to Bahasa Indonesia.

After that Click on Umum, and then Nama.
Now delete the last name and save the Changes clicking on Tinaju Perubahan, giving your Facebook password.

If your name has been successfully changed then Congratulations, you have done it. 
But if you are not successful, then please don't worry, just click on the Extension icon and select another IP address and try again. There will be so many IP addresses, you have to try with all IP addresses and I am sure one of the IP will definitely work. 

Now just Change the Facebook language again to English (UK).
And Check your Facebook Name.

Still unsuccessful??
Please tell me your problem in the comment section below. I will be happy to help you.

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