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How to hide Wapka footer Advertisements

Every Wapmaster wants to make Wapka site very beautifull by using best last updates code with tags or hiding Wapka default footer Advertisemnts. Do you also want to hide Wapka footer adds? Okay, I will tell you how to do that.
But, you must know that if you do that then your site will be blocked by Wapka.

Still you want to do that?
Okay. Follow the steps below-

Go To your sites Admin mood -> Edit site -> Add auto content -> Bottom autocontent (Footer) -> edit site-> wml/xhtml code.
Now copy the code given below-

<iframe style="padding:0; display:none; margin:0; border:none;" src="" class="Made By MHReja" />

And paste it, then Submit in WML code box. You must put the code at the end of Footer.

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