Do you know that you can accept all your Facebook friend requests at once by a single click very easily using your computer? Yes, I am right! you can do that. So please read this full article so that you can easily use this trick to accept all facebook friend requests at once because now I am going to tell you that very easy trick.

accept all facebook friend requests at once

Hello friends, I am mhreja (Md Hossain Reja) here with you, and you are on Mastisky.

Let’s begin…

  1. At first login to your FB account and go to your Friend requests page.
  2. Click on See All Requests.
  3. Now Copy the Code given below and Paste it into your browsers current address bar.
javascript:var confirmBtns = document.getElementsByTagName(‘button’); for (var i = 0; i < confirmBtns.length; i++) {if (confirmBtns[i].innerHTML == “Confirm”) {confirmBtns[i].click();}}

When you paste the code into the address bar you will notice that javascript: is not pasted there because it can’t be copy pasted in the address bar.
So you must check the code after pasting into the address bar, if javascript: is not pasted then please type it before the code in the address bar.


And then press enter…That’s it !!
Now check if you are successful to accept all facebook friend requests at once or not.

If you face any problem then please don’t hesitate to comment below, we are always with you.

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