Hello dear Wapmasters, how are you?

Did you know that you can enable your users to change their username color?

Yes, I am right. You can do this. So don’t hide this feature, hide your Wapka footer Advertisements. If you want to change any users username color then you can manually change it and also you can set a username color changing system for your Wapka site users. When you users will go to the My Profile page, then they can see an option to change their username color if you wish. So guys in this tutorial today I am going to share this trick. Let’s begin…

At first, go to Admin mode→Edit site→Users→User profile→Allow login name colors-(set colors)

 If you want to allow every user to change their username color then select Enable, but if you wish to enable it for only Moderator or Admin then select Editable only by Admin/Moderator.

 Now click on

 After that go to Allow login name colors- (set colors)  again, and click on (set color).

 Now add some colors. Now if you want to change any users username color by your own then go to his/her profile and then click on Edit Profile, here you can see an option to change username color. But if you enabled this option for every user, then all of your users can change their username color when they will go to the Edit profile page.

So everything is done. Still, have any problem? Please feel free to tell me your problem in the comment section below. I will always be happy to help you.

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