By default Facebook don’t allow you to make Facebook single name, that means you can’t remove your last name from your profile. But Facebook only allows Indonesian peoples to make Facebook single name. Because most of the Indonesian people don’t use title name. As I told in the previous post if you want single name Facebook profile then you must have to change your IP address to an Indonesian IP address by adding an extension on your computer. So that Facebook think that you are an Indonesian people and allow you to remove your title name from Facebook profile. I think the previous method was a little bit complicated one for those who don’t have a computer, don’t know what is IP address, and how to change it.

So today I’m going to share with you the easiest method to make a single name Facebook profile. So read the full post so that you can make your Facebook single name profile from your phone also. You don’t even need to change your IP address to an Indonesian IP address because I told you it is the easiest method. Before I start to teach you the easiest method to make Facebook single name, please subscribe to our email newsletter so that you don’t miss any important post of Mastisky.

Recently I noticed that Facebook allows not only Indonesian peoples but also Tamil peoples. So in this post, I am going to teach you how you can make Facebook single name showing Facebook that you are from Tamil Nadu(one of the states of India).

Facebook single name

The easiest method to make Facebook single name:

As we are Indian and Tamil is a state language of India, we don’t need to change our IP address. Just you have to follow a simple process to make your Facebook single name profile. So follow the steps given below-

1. After logging into your Facebook account go to account settings, and then general settings.
2. Now you have to change your language to Tamil(தமிழ்), so go to language settings and select the language தமிழ்(Tamil), and click on Save changes.
2. After that go to பொது(General) settings again.
3. Now look for your name, and click on திருத்து(edit) option given beside your name to change your name.
4. Now you are very close to be successful to change your name without last name, simply delete the last name from that box and click/touch on மதிப்பாய்வினை மாற்று (Validate change).
5. After that, a popup will occur, give your Facebook password there to confirm that it’s you and you are doing that. After typing your password in that box just click on மாற்றங்களைச் சேமி (Save Changes).
6. Now go to language(மொழி) settings again and select your language and then click on மாற்றங்களை சேமியுங்கள்(Save changes).

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Everything is done, now your Facebook profile name is a single name. If you face any problem to make Facebook single name or if you are unable to do that then please don’t forget to comment below. I am always happy to help you.

Hey guys, don’t you think that it was a very easy method to make your Facebook name single?
I think you found this post helpful, so guys please share this post with your friends and keep visiting Mastisky because I share very easy and simple tricks here about Android, Facebook, Computer etc which you knew not. Thank you very much and hope to see you again in our next post- WhatsApp new feature will change how you use groups.

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