The present age is Internet-based, it is said for fun that from next few years baby may be downloaded from the internet. Ha ha ha… Whatever, I am very very interested in new technologies, internet solutions for the various problems and I am so eager to learn and teach something new about what I am talking about. And there is so many problems, so many unknown things, the process to do something on the internet. So I have decided to share the solutions which I found to solve my problems to do something on the internet to the world! There are so many ways to share my opinions or solutions or tips like Blogger, WordPress YouTube etc. but at first I started my site on WAPKA. I would like to thank WAPKA because it made me interested in HTML coding, I learned so many things from WAPKA. Whatever, at the beginning time, Mastisky was pretty good at WAPKA to share blogs but after some time I faced so many problems on WAPKA and then I decided to change the hosting and made this Blogspot at Blogger.

My mission is to teach something new about technologies that which you knew not. I am always here to help and provide any kind of internet and technical tips, tricks and solutions.

Your cooperation, advice, and requests are well received.

Md Hossain Reja
January 22, 2018