Are you facing cPanel loading problem after enabling Cloudflare? If YES, you must need a solution for this. Okay, you are in the right place. Why? Because today I am going to share with you my personal experience while accessing cPanel after enabling Cloudflare. Let’s see how to fix cPanel loading problem after enabling Cloudflare.

Recently I have connected Cloudflare with my site Mastisky to boost the loading speed. Though Cloudflare not only boosts the site speed but also gives some others advantages. Whatever, everything was okay after enabling Cloudflare, the site’s load speed is also increased.

But once, when I was trying to access my cPanel I found that it has become a mess. And I was so disappointed after seeing this. After a little research on this topic, I found a trick to fix cPanel loading problem. So I thought to share this trick with you guys.



Symptoms: How cPanel loads after enabling Cloudflare?

After logging in to your cPanel you will see the first page as a mess of some texts and links. There will be no images or icons. Can you feel why? Because no stylesheets or javascript will be working. And maybe when you try to navigate to any link, you will be logged out immediately. And you will notice a message after being logged out that “your session cookie is invalid, please log in again”. You will feel that your cPanel is broken in some way.


Cause: Why cPanel loading problem occurs?

There is an option in cPanel called “Cookie IP Validation”. This setting frequently checks the IP address from where the visitor is coming. And matches their IP address on subsequent requests. As you are using Cloudflare, the IP address for requests to your server can variably come from any IP address in the list at


Resolution: How to fix cPanel loading problem after enabling Cloudflare?

To fix cPanel loading problem you have to access the cPanel server on a URL that does not proxy through Cloudflare. That means you have to use cPanel’s proxy subdomain URL http://cpanel.YOURDOMAIN.COM (for me, it’s to access your cPanel as normal. Besides that please make sure that you have pointed the DNS directly to the cPanel server that is a default setting(actually, don’t do anything if you have not changed this setting earlier).

Finally, one more important thing you have to keep in mind that this subdomain is not proxied through Cloudflare.

I hope you can also overcome this problem now.
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