No one want spam. To prevent spam on your Wapka site you can allow only logged in registered users to leave their comment on your Wapka forum site. That means basically if you wish, you can hide Wapak sites comment box for non-logged users only. And today I am going to share with you this trick so that you can also do that if you really need.

So you looking for the Wapka wml/xhtml code by which you can hide Wapka sites comment box on message in forum page for no-logged users? Then you are on the right place. Okay now before starting please Subscribe to our E-mail Newsletter with your E-mail address so that you don’t miss any important Wapka related posts of Mastisky, because I share most attractive Wapka tips, tricks and solutions here daily. So please be with me, be with Mastisky.

I think every Wapmaster wants to hide Wapka sites comment box on message in forum page of their Wapka site from non-logged users, even I wanted it when Mastisky was hosted on Wapka. So today I will teach you how to hide Wapka sites comment box from non-logged users. Okay, let’s start-

How to hide Wapka sites comment box

At first, go to Edit site>> Add autocontent>> Bottom items(footer)>> Edit items>> WML/XHTML code . And then paste two codes one by one in WML/XHTML code section.

Codes are given below-


Set item visible for Non-logged User.


Set item visible for Logged Users Only.

Then go to Edit site>> Wap2>> Styles for content in forum/chat>>Message in Forum and Search for ::REPLY_AREA:: in 3rd Box And Replace ::REPLY_AREA:: with the code given below-
<div class="non-log">You Must Need <a href="login_0.xhtml">Login</a> Or <a href="registration_site.xhtml?do_id=0">Registration</a> To Comment This Post.</div>
<div class="log">::REPLY_AREA::</div>


Then Set.

Everything is done now. Now the new visitors or the visitors who are not logged in registered user wouldn’t see the option to leave a  comment. So they can not leave a comment on your sites forum page. They can see only previous comments there, if any. That’s how the number of spams in your site will be decreasing.

Let’s say someone who is a spammer get registered in your site, then leave spam after being logged in to your site. In this case you can get the IP address of that spammer from your site and simply block that IP. So that this spammer can’t spam on your site again.

Tired for Spam on Wapka site?

Ohhhoo, so sorry you got tired for the spam on your site. But you know what? You can easily prevent spammer by removing Wapka default Comment and by adding Disqus in your Wapka site for rich comment and no spam.


Add Disqus on Wapka

It’s very simple. Just go to Disqus and sign in there using your Google a/c to get the code to display Disqus comment section on your site. Simply go step by step. When you get the code, copy it and paste in message in forum page. Just replace :REPLY_AREA:  by the code you got. Now you can check wheather it is working or not. i hope it’s working.

If no then please let me know what is the exact problem you are facing. Comment below.


However if you need any kind of further help, please let me know. I will be always happy to help you.

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Hope to see you again in our next post- How to delete Wapka site?
Thank you.

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