Often the beginners of Wapka creates sites more than they need. And later when they realise that they don’t need this anymore, they want to delete these extra sites. Actually they want to delete Wapka sites that they don’t want to use anymore and blocked sites by Wapka for violating Wapka rules.

Once upon a time I have also used Wapka to host Mastisky. So I know how these extra or blocked sites causes to feel irritating. Okay, you know what, in this article today I am going to discuss the exact way to delete Wapka sites that you don’t use or is blocked by Wapka.

I know many of you wants to delete your Wapka sites permanently which you don’t use and will not use anyhow in future. So let’s talk it about.

How to delete Wapka sites

Sorry to say that once a Wapka site is created that’s not going to be deleted just unlike Blogger and WordPress. You know what, actually Wapka don’t gives you any option to delete any site. If you create any site on Wapka, you can never delete it.

Is there any method to delete Wapka site?

Only one method is there that you can try is to contact the Wapka admin. Once you login to Wapka dashboard, you can see a feedback link. Click this link, and send a request to block your unwanted Wapka site. Tell Wapka admin a valuable reason to block it and convince him/her to do so. After that you will soon receive an Email from Wapka and your site will be blocked. But you can’t delete it from your account.

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