If you open YouTube and search for how to grow your YouTube channel fast, I am sure you will get the same advice. And that is upload quality content continuously. Don’t get me wrong, but, this is the real advice to grow your YouTube channel fast. There is no shortcut to success. But there are some parts that are easier than the other which you will understand once you experience it.

Now when you start a YouTube channel it is relatively small and even you put out good content and unless it is exceptionally good nobody is going to watch your videos because there are already too many good videos on YouTube.

So why would anyone watch your videos? So remember one thing that is if you are starting a YouTube channel, you need exposure, something that will act as a funnel between your YouTube channel and millions of people sitting on YouTube. So what is this funnel and most importantly how will you use it well? let’s find out.

grow your YouTube channel fast


Grow your YouTube channel fast

Take any YouTube channel and go to check out the older videos, I am sure you will find few videos with millions of views in it, you can call them funnel that is also known as viral videos. This type of videos has introduced this channel to the millions of people who watch youtube.

So if you want to get popular on youtube you also need this funnel(viral) videos and the sooner you will get a good result. Now the question is how do you guys create this type of funnel videos or how will get views? Today there is huge competition to make funnel videos but there is one advantage for you, you have all the data that you can do a research. So what is the trick? Well, we will come to that later but first, we need to understand how people get views on YouTube. And well there are three ways to go about it.


First is the subscription, if you have subscribers, people will watch your videos. Second is related videos, if a related video is in trending then your video may come to the related tab then it may also be trended. And the third one is Keyword, it’s the most important one for search results. If people are searching for a Keyword that you used in your video keyword section while uploading that then your video will appear there.

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Now since you are just starting a YouTube channel you don’t have much subscriber base and ranking on related videos. So let’s leave these option. And the only thing you are left with this is getting views from the YouTube search. And this is exactly what you need to do in the early phase of YouTube career.

So here is what you have right now your funnel is the bunch of videos that I’m going viral on YouTube and on the top you are getting views from the YouTube search. Now let’s figure out what type of videos on how do you know which videos are going to be popular on youtube and well there is a simple trick for that, find the semi-popular channel in niche and then check out your popular videos.


Now look for the topic where you can make better videos then them and just make it. Soon enough this video’s will prank on YouTube and you will get thousands of views.


So semi-popular YouTube channel means a channel with relatively low subscriber counts. Ideally, 5000 to 50000 subscribers are good enough because if they have more subscriber then they will be getting used from the subscriber count and not from the YouTube search. So stick with the one that has a relatively low number of the subscriber and then everybody has got some videos that get accidentally popular on youtube.

grow YouTube channel fast by simple secret tricks

Now go to their video section and short the popular and see which are the popular videos. Usually, these are the videos with 6 digit odd even millions of views. Now some of this video’s are just going to be clickbait or timely videos and some will be there for no apparent reason but you will find some videos which have high demand and low supply and this is exactly why the smaller YouTube Channel was able to rank it. And all you need to do is make a better version of this video, you can do this by including latest research, increasing a production quality or providing a new solution, anything that works for you and then after sometime you will prank on YouTube.

Own work with the new idea

Please keep in mind that these steps doesn’t always work. You need to have your own thing to grow your YouTube channel fast. And you can not simply just replicator video and expected to work. And the same thing happens with the best photo editing app for Android which should have worked but it didn’t. So you need to have your own thing on YouTube. So that you can grow your YouTube channel fast. This is the most important part.


Let’s sum it up. If you are just starting your YouTube channel find the relative semi-popular YouTube channel that has subscribers from 5000 to 50000. And then check out the most popular videos. Then pick up few topics which you can work on. And your statistics feature in the YouTube videos to see if they are still getting views from the search engine. And if it does then make a better version of that video either by upgrading the production quality or by using a new Research. And that’s. Hopefully, some of this video will help you to rise above the cream.

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