Do you want to hide any photo or file on Android without any extra mobile application? Most of the android users use an extra application to hide photos. But do you know that you don’t even install any extra mobile application from Play store if you are using Samsung phone? Yes, you can easily hide photos or any files without any application.

Hello friends, today I am going to share with you that simple trick by which you can easily hide your photos from the gallery and file manager.

At this time I am using a Samsung phone. And I use this trick to hide my personal photos or file. So I am sure that this trick will work for a Samsung phone,  but if you are using another brand of Android then this trick may not work on your phone. I am not sure about that but some phones rather than Samsung work this trick. So you can try at least for once.


Many of you may be aware of this trick. But still, I am sharing this for those who don’t know.

How to hide any photo or file on Android

To hide your photos from the gallery or to hide any files from your Samsung Android phone please follow the steps given below-

1. Open My Files/File Manager
2. Go to the exact location where you have the file that you want to hide from Gallery and File Manager.
3. Rename that file to .your_file_name, don’t forget to give a dot(.) at the beginning of your file name.
4. Look at the right-up corner, you will see three dots vertically if you are using a Samsung phone, touch that and then you can see Settings option.
Go to Settings > uncheck Show hidden files.
5. You are done. Now your file is hidden.


If you want to unhide or show/see the file again then just check the box of Show hidden files option and then remove the dot(.) from the file name by renaming.

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Hope you understand well, If not then please comment below.
Thank you guys, and please don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you find this helpful. Hope to see you again in our next post WhatsApp new features in 2018 that can change how you use groups.

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