Every Wapka user wants to make Wapka site very beautifull. If you have a Wapka site, you may also want to make it beautiful – I think. Even I have also used Wapka and tried too much to make my site very good looking. But you know what, there are an irritating thing that resists your site to be beautiful. And that is Wapka footer Advertisements. So I used a code to hide Wapka footer Advertisements. You can also try this if want a beautiful Wapka site.

But before you try this code to hide Wapka footer Advertisements, you must know some important things. There is a negative point of using this code to hide Wapka footer Advertisements. If you use this code to hide Wapka bottom ads, Wapka admin may block your site.

Last auto-update code for Wapka.

Automatic forum update code for Wapka.

Why Wapka Admin blocks Wapka site?

There are some rules and regulations of Wapka. According to their rules, you should not hide Wapka footer Advertisements. If you break any rules regulations of Wapka, Wapka Admin may block your site once they notice your rule breaking.


Whatever, still you may want to hide Wapka footer Advertisements. Right? Okay, I will give you that code. But please keep in mind that it’s totally your risk. I don’t recommend you to hide Wapka footer Advertisements.

How to hide Wapka footer Advertisements

Follow the steps given below-

Go To your sites Admin mood -> Edit site -> Add auto content -> Bottom autocontent (Footer) -> edit site-> wml/xhtml code.
Now copy the code given below-
<iframe style="padding:0; display:none; margin:0; border:none;" class="Mastisky" />

Once you copied the code given above, paste it into WML/XHTML code box. Then save it. You must put the code at the end of Footer.

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Now you can notice that there are no default Wapka Advertisements on your Wapka site. I think now your site is looking better than previous one. If so, then please don’t forget to let me know your site. Leave a comment in this post with your site link. I will be happy to visit your Wapka site.

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