Want to make your Wapka site beautiful? You are not alone. Even everyone who uses Wapka wants to make Wapka site beautiful. To make your site very nice you may make mobile and PC version of your Wapka site. Many Wapmasters want to make mobile and PC version of Wapka site for better user experience. Okay, in this post today I am going to teach you how to make mobile and PC version of Wapka site.

If you make mobile and PC version of Wapka site, visitors who visits your site using a mobile phone will have a very good experience while visiting your site. So you can try mobile and PC version on your Wapka site if you want to give your visitors a good experience.

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Make Mobile and PC version of wapka site

At first, go to your sites Admin Mode, Then go to Edit site >> Global Settings >> Head Tags …>>
Then copy this CSS code given below-
<style type="text/css">@media only screen and (min-width:1024px){#mobile,.mobile{display:none}}@media only screen and (max-width:1023px){#pc,.pc{display:none} #mobile,.mobile{display:block}}@media handheld{#pc,.pc{display:none} #mobile,.mobile{display:block}}</style>

Then paste this code into Head Tag section in your Wapka site. And save it.

Okay, now suppose you want to show a code to PC/Computer users only, then your code will be like this –
<div class="pc"> YOUR CODE HERE</div>

If you want to show a code to Mobile users only, then your code will be like this-
<div class="mobile"> YOUR CODE HERE</div>

Using this trick you can easily make a beautiful Wapka site. Now show your site contents differently to different users. Just show your contents very simply and as easily accessible to mobile users. So that your mobile users like your sites simplicity and visit your site again.

You should also make your site very attractive looking for PC/Computer users. So that when users visit your site from a Laptop or a Computer, your site looks very nice.

If you face any problem then please feel free to tell me, I am always here to help you. Just leave a comment with your problem and I will be back to you with your needed solution in a right way.

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Hope to see you again in our next post how to create Call me, Message me, or Mail me link in your site.

Thank you.

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