Want to know how to root Android, and all about Android rooting? Then you are in the right place. You know why? Today I am going to teach you how to root Android and all about this.

Hello friends, nowadays almost we all keep Android phone or Windows or some of us keep iPhone also. We use so many mobile applications every day on our phones. Maybe that is installed from the Google Play Store or App store for free.

But sometimes we can’t use some of the applications because it wants your phone being rooted if you are using an android, or it wants your phone being jailbroken if you are using iPhone. Normally you can’t use these apps if you don’t have rooted or jailbroken phone because these apps generally collect some of your personal data and break Android or iPhone rule.


How to root Android?

Generally, most of the android phones can be rooted by the app named SuperUser. That is available on Play Store. But in cases of some mobile that application does not work. If you have a Samsung phone and you want to root your Samsung Android phone, then you may not root your phone using SuperUser.


How to root Samsung Android?

So now I will tell you what to do if you want to root your Samsung Android phone. Most of Samsung Android phone can be rooted by this trick. So let’s start……

Follow the steps given below-

A.  At first, click here to download UPDATE-KINGUSER.3.4-0.zip. Once your download is complete just move that zip file to your external SD card.

B.  Then Switch off your phone and boot into recovery by holding Volume Up + Power + Home buttons (Stock recovery is able to flash this file).

C.  Navigate by pressing the Volume Up/Down button and choose “Apply update from external storage” by using the Power button.

D.  Select the file UPDATE-Kinguser-3.4.0.zip.

E.  The phone will auto reboot and gives root access.

You are done. Now you can check your phone whether it is rooted now or not by the Root Checker App (this is available on play store).

I hope you have understood this process, if not then please don’t hesitate to comment below.

So what are you thinking about? Will you root your Android now?

If YES, Then just STOP.

You should know that during the root process your phone may damage, it is risky and not safe.

If you successfully rooted your device then maybe your phone can’t be successfully unrooted further. And the main thing is after rooting your device your data is not safe on your phone because you are breaking all security by rooting your device.

I have tried to give you overall merits and demerits of a rooted device. I think the demerits are the very big problem than the merits.

Now the choice is yours.

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