No, if I answer it in one line then I must say- we should not install applications from any unknown source. Almost we all are using an Android phone nowadays, and we all do some mistakes that we should never do.

Maybe you are using an android phone or you are planning to buy an android, and knowingly or unknowingly we use some features that we should not use. And today we will talk about one of these mistakes. You are Welcome on MastiSky. Let’s start.



Don’t install applications from any unknown source

Did you buy a new phone? You need Applications??

Install from Google Play Store, there is no authorized app that you would not get from the Google Play Store if you are using an Android.

Some users search on Google for apk file to get the paid app for free. But you should not do that because it promotes piracy.

Installing the app from an unknown source may be harmful to a phone because Google doesn’t have control over those applications installed from unknown source. These unknown source application may lick your personal data and monitor your phone.

There is a huge store of applications named Google Play Store having more than 2 million mobile Applications. So why are you going to lick your personal data by installing an app from an unknown source? And one more thing I must tell you that please avoid installing apps that you don’t use because it wastes your phone memory space.

As an example, if you are using Android and you want to hide your photos or any file from gallery then why are you installing an Application? You can hide any photo or file without any extra Application.

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